About Us

Usually, in the "About Us" page you find details about the company, when it was established, how many people it employs and so on – figures and data which are no sooner read than are forgotten. But the name Israel Taxis and especially the level of transportation services it represents you can't forget. One ride with us is enough to summarize all you need to know about us:

LUXURY transportation services and VIP passenger services as never before provided in Israel.

Apparently, there is a growing and a varied number of people – both local and "imported" – who just won't do with less. Not with cab traveling, not with buses, even if they are grand tour buses, and certainly not with regular minibusses; people require only luxury minibusses, along with a personal chauffeur, and first class conditions, and especially – a 24/7 VIP service of the highest standard.

Israel Taxis was established with this in mind, and with the goal of filling the void in minibus transportation services, by using a BIG LIMO! The services provided are top of the line – from conditions to comfort, luxury and grandeur, provided for each passenger, to the strict and stringent level of maintenance and safety, to the service level provided to passengers.

Service level is not just a smiley, polite, responsible, and professional driver. LUXURY service means being at the passengers' disposal at any time, to satisfy any need, request or demand both when planning the route and while on the road: reserving places at restaurants for the passengers, hotel rooms, resorts and B&B's, tickets to shows, night club entry, visiting tour sites and holy places, shopping centers or any other service and attraction which may interest the group or that one of its members wishes to organize by himself.

When talking about shuttle services, at Israel Taxis there is a clear division of duties: our passengers' "job" is to get on the luxury minibus to enjoy themselves and our job is to make sure they get pampered, help them make the most fun they can out of the ride and bring them home with as many sweet memories and memorable moments as possible.